Call our style Americana, roots, alt-folk/country, but don’t’ spend too much time trying to define our sound and fit us into a particular genre as that’s time that could be spent listening to our music. In our newest music you will find influences and flavours from folk, old timey, rockabilly, bluegrass, rock and country.


Love and Truth

Love & Truth [2014]

The band is now a 4 piece and the sound and songwriting is more mature. With their 6th CD the new lineup showcases 8 original songs and 3 unique covers of folk/country. The perfect marriage of north and south, new and old, fast and slow, love and truth – Dragging alt country/folk into the 21st century and merging elements of Americana with Kiwiana, Bluegrass with Rockabilly, Blues and Folk.

This CD sees the combined song wrtiting talents of Bryan Peters and Rebecca Dollery produce songs with memorable melodies and poignant messages. These two artists also take the role of lead vocalists in the band and their voices dovetail perfectly to produce magic.


Available from all good digital retailers or by clicking the links below.

Short Summer Front Cover smallShort Summer [2012 & 2014]

Its 2012 and this is our 5th CD and we are really proud of what we’ve done. Lots of original music and a different lineup and sound for the band.

Jump to 2014 . . . and then sit back while you tell you what really happened during the recording process . . . . When we decided to record this CD we wanted to bring in an independent producer who would bring a different sound to the band. So, we hired the legendary Rob Mayes who has many years’ experience recording and producing indie bands. Rob recorded the band then spent months asking for extra instrument tracks to get the sound he wanted. He finally turned up one day with a mix he was proud of and it was really good . . . . but a little too different for some members of the band. So a vote was held, and the voting majority chose to remix and go for a more traditional approach. Anyway, those Rob Mayes mixes have sat there on the computer of one of the dissenting voices (who also happens to control the webpage) and finally we have decided to release them to the world as Rob intended them to be. So there two addtional tracks that were recorded and not initially released and a new vocal performance on Short Summer

So you can buy either the original 2012 release or The Mayes Mix released in 2014. Simply search our name at all good digital downlaod stores or click the link below.

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Full Discography:

  • Tickets [2007]
  • Twister [2008]
  • Live at the Harbour Light CD [2009]
  • Live at the Harbour Light DVD [2009]
  • High Lights 2005-2009 [2010]
  • Short Summer [2012]
  • Short Summer: The Mayes Mix [2014]
  • Love & Truth [2014]