The Early Years

Like any good band, The Johnny Possum Band has evolved over time. We started out as a straight old timey and bluegrass band, and then began our musical evolution as we grew as songwriters and musicians. Our style has changed quite a bit since the early days but we are thankful for those days as they provided the foundation we needed to develop into what we have become.

So, we have decided to split our musical history – on this page you will find our earlier recordings and you can hear that they are very strongly influenced by the bluegrass and old time country traditions. Check out the new music page to hear where our musical journey has now taken us.

High Lights 2005- 2009 [2010]: The band released its first compilation CD – taken from its first 3 CDs this compilation CD features the best studio and live tracks from 2005 to 2009 – available online from iTunes and also CDBaby by clicking on either of the links below:






High Lights 2005 - 2009 - The Johnny Possum Band

The Johnny Possum Band: High Lights 2005 - 2009

Track Listing

  1. Rest Up Sally
  2. Nothing Without Love
  3. Cast Away
  4. Bluegrass Saved The Earth
  5. Hawera Hill
  6. Brother O Brother (live)
  7. Twister
  8. Last Train
  9. Nothing But The Baby
  10. Ain’t No Grave
  11. Linin’ Track
  12. Black Dog
  13. Rest Up Sally (live)
  14. Evangeline (Live)
  15. Tell It To Me (live)
  16. Hard To Love (live)
  17. Our Last Goodbye (live)
  18. Glendale Train (live)
  19. Linin’ Track (live)
  20. Minglewood Blues (live)
  21. Last Train (live)
  22. Nothing But The Baby (live)

Live at the Harbour Light [2009] – The band returned from their successful 2008 mini tour of the USA and recorded this live performance at Lytteltons famous Harbour Light Theatre which was destroyed in the earthquake that hit Christchurch in February 2011.


  1. Rest Up Sally
  2. The Mountain
  3. Hard To Love
  4. Our Last Goodbye
  5. Standing By The Bedside Of A Neighbour
  6. I’ve Got That Old Feeling
  7. Glendale Train
  8. Linin’ Track
  9. Down To My Soul
  10. Minglewood Blues
  11. Last Train
  12. Didn’t Leave Nobody But The Baby
  13. Texas Eagle
  14. Evangeline
  15. Rally Around The Drum
  16. Tell It To Me
  17. Brother O Brother

Additionally, there is also a DVD available with ALL 27 tracks played on the night – please email us to order on of these strictly limited edition DVD’s. You can view all 27 videos for free on YouTube – just click the YouTube link to the right OR alternatively just click on the Video link above.

Twister [2008]



Track listing:

  1. Linin’ Track 1.52
  2. Twister 3.59
  3. Nothing Without Love 5.14
  4. Keep Your Hands Off 2.51
  5. Hawera Hill 2.52
  6. Castaway 4.34
  7. Ain’t No Grave 3.50
  8. Rest Up Sally 3.24
  9. Last Train 4.34
  10. Possum Boy Humm 2.59
  11. Nothing But The Baby 2.11

Tickets [2006] was a finalist for the 2007 NZ Tui Country Music Album of the year award. NOW OUT OF PRODUCTION

“Bluegrass Saved The Earth” (Track 3 on “Tickets”) was a finalist for the 2007 NZ APRA Best Country Music Single of the year award.



Track listing:

  1. Wagon Wheel 3:59
  2. Bluegrass Saved The Earth 2:48
  3. Evangeline 3:09
  4. Roll In My Sweet Baby’s Arms 4:07
  5. Black Dog 2:45
  6. I’ll Fly Away 3:40
  7. Bugger Burns
  8. I Am Weary 3:53
  9. Cocaine Habit 4:14
  10. Girl At The Roadside Tavern 2:55
  11. Foggy Mountain Top 3:24
  12. Blue Moon Of Kentucky 2:33
  13. Man of Constant Sorrow 4:05
  14. Shack #9 2:38
  15. Crawdad Hole 3:31
  16. Tell It To Me 2:59