About Us

Since 2005, The Johnny Possum Band has been delivering their own brand of Kiwi-Americana, folk and alt-country music.

From performances throughout New Zealand, to appearances on USA TV Shows, the band has developed a solid fan base and following. The band has played extensively throughout New Zealand at festivals, events and their own tours. They have also gained international exposure with four mini tours of the USA in 2007, 2008, 2012 & 2014. While in the USA they received the ‘Rising Legends’ Award from the National Old Time Country and Bluegrass Association and have played at such world renowned venues as Music City Roots in Nashville, TN (TV Appearance), Music on the Square, Song of the Mountains in Marion, VA (TV Appearance), and the Blue Plate Special in Knoxville, TN.



The band released their 6th CD, ‘Love & Truth, in 2014 featuring a new line up, new songs and a new sound. This time they are fully exploring their Americana and Folk music roots, with 8 original songs and 3 covers. Their bluegrass roots are now a distant memory and the new sound is rooted heavily in the best traditions of Folk and Americana genres. The instrument line-up has changed and now features guitar, banjo, double bass, & resonator guitar. Additionally, the lead male and female vocals, both amazing as solo artists, come together to produce exceptional harmonies and storytelling.


They released their 5th CD, Short Summer, featuring mainly original material in February 2012. This recording showcases a maturing approach to song writing and how the band is redefining their style away from its bluegrass roots. It marks a strong shift towards the Americana genre while still recognising the bands musical roots in other folk styles. They re-released this album in 2014 featuring the original mixes by legendary indie producer Rob Mayes.


They released their first compilation CD ‘High Lights 2005-2009‘ in 2010. It features all the best studio and live tracks from the first three CD’s.

In 2009 the band released their 3rd CD, ‘Live at the HarbourLight’ this time with a live DVD. They recorded a live performance at their favourite theatre of old favourites and also plenty of previously unrecorded material. The CD has 15 of the tracks while the DVD has all 27 tracks on it. The recording truly captures the Possums at their best playing live to an enthusiastic audience. It’s particularly poignant now as the HarbourLight Theatre was destroyed in an earthquake on 22 February 2011.


The band delivered its 2nd CD, ‘Twister’, in 2008. Building on strong Americana roots this recording branches out and incorporates the band’s own strong original musical offerings and sees the sound of the band begin to reflect influences from bluegrass, folk, Irish, old time and even a hint of rockabilly.


The band’s debut CD, ‘Tickets’ released in 2006 featured the band performing mainly traditional bluegrass tunes in their own style and was a finalist for a 2007 New Zealand Music Award for best Country Music Album, and their first original single, ‘Bluegrass Saved the Earth’ was a finalist for Country Music Single of the year.


Full Discography:

  • Tickets [2007]
  • Twister [2008]
  • Live at the Harbour Light CD [2009]
  • Live at the Harbour Light DVD [2009]
  • High Lights 2005-2009 [2010]
  • Short Summer [2012]
  • Short Summer: The Mayes Mix [2014]
  • Love & Truth [2014]

Management by:

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Band Members

SeanSean Whitaker Occasional vocals & things with strings.

Plays a Goldstar GF100 banjo with K&K banjo pickup, a Blueridge 163CE guitar, and a fully customised resonator that once was a Regal when needed (is patiently waiting for the sponsorship deal from saga music) – is noted for his very short attention sp….

 Keith Taylor Vocals and Guitar
 Sam McCaughan Guitjo and percussion
BecRebecca Dollery Main vocals and guitar.

Sings with the voice of an angel, the power of a hurricane, the passion of a sinner and tells stories that make you believe anything is possible. Also likes Pimms and cucumber sandwiches on Sundays.

Jonathan Rosanowski Occasional vocals and usually the electric bass.

Plays a Yamaha Electricc Bass through a Gallien-Krueger microbass amp.But also plays every other instrument better than anyone else in the band but we can’t get him to move to the front of stage because he’s afraid the bright lights will ruin his boyish good looks.




and occasionally the band is joined by the amazing Stomping Nick Jackman!!!